Are you tired of tuning your expensive gas engine with that screwdriver that never fits correctly in the High and Low carburetor adjustment screw's?

*** Can't hold it steady while you tune with the engine running? Having a difficult time keeping it in the slot?

*** Can't remember how many turns you've made? We've been there. We know that you have spent big bucks on your plane, what's another few dollars for the right tool for the job? 

This is why you need this pro tool in your shop or tool kit. Tuning is a art , and you wouldn't paint a picture with a crappy brush would you?

** The PROTUNE STICK is made from high Quality rubberized brass tubing with a ergonomic thumb knob for exceptional grip and feel.

** The highly visible  graduated dial indicator will help you with knowing how many turns you've actually made and make your tuning more accurate.

** The internal slotted driver cupped by brass tubing makes for a perfect fit over the High and Low end tuning screws

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